About Me

Hello everyone πŸ™‚ My name is Peggy and I’m new to this blogging thing. In fact I’m not sure which I like better this blog or blogspot so I have 2 blogs until I decide. My blogspot address is https://ourcreativelives.blogspot.com/ if your interested in looking at it. To be honest I really need to get a hang of blogging because I have not been doing it on a daily basis, I will however try to at least post on a weekly basis for now. Ok back to me I have been married for 15 years this July, my husband is a wonderful father & husband πŸ™‚ he works on an oil rig in Saudi Arabia, he is gone for 5 weeks then home for 5 weeks. We have 4 beautiful children who drive me nuts sometime lol out oldest and only daughter is 14yrs old, our oldest son is 10yrs old and our youngest are fraternal twin boys who just turned 4yrs this past November. Yes I’m busy but I love it. No we did not use fertility treatments were trying to have a 3rd baby but needed up having a 3rd and 4th as difficult as it may be we still feel very blessed. We love in texas in a little bitty one horse town, we don’t even have a dollar general but I love it and feel safer. My blog will mostly be about my crafts. I love to craft and not just 1 particular craft but I love love love paper craft and jewelry making and home decor and cakes for our family functions. I just love all crafts I can’t just pin myself to only one. But as blogs go I’m sure there will be post about what is going on in my life and things that catch my attention. I also sell for two direct sells companies and love the products for both the first is Scentsy which I sell Scentsy https://peggymonroe.scentsy.us and Grace Adele https://peggymonroe.graceadele.us if you don’t know what they are Scensty is wick less candles & Grace Adele is Purses plus some πŸ™‚ and the second company is Perfectly Posh https://perfectlyposh.us/2218 which is spa like products, lotions bath bombs perfumes sugar scrubs ect. If by chance you are interested in any of these products you go to my sites ornleave me a message for more information, but don’t worry if your not thats fine this blog is not to push any of my products on you. Well I guess that’s enough about me.

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